Mixathon48 is a hackathon-style music production competition started by my two friends (and musical geniuses) Nicholas Yiu and Matt Hong who recruited me to be in charge of all things design. I designed our brand, our logo, our colors, album art, forms, social media posts and website.


The logo combines key icons for that are familiar to the process of music production:
volume bars, a play button and headphones.


We didn't think that Mixathon48 would last beyond one event, but we're already preparing for our third.

After a hurried first draft to complete the website in time for our first competition, we decided to rework the look and feel of the website into something more streamlined with a page about our mission and a page solely dedicated to our events (we hope to have many going on at the same time in the future!) 

Edited photos featuring the team for the About page of the website:



The Daily Californian - "Mixathon48 brings hackathons' competitive spirit to music world"
Wearhaus - "Mixathon48 brings hackathon culture to music production"