HP ENVY is a premium brand within the HP personal systems line that delivers sleek design as well as power and portability. The HP ENVY x2 is a convertible laptop with the portability of a tablet and the battery and power of a laptop. 

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Imagery and Photography - Image Design Works
Art Direction, Design - Nickki Nguyen
Year - 2017



My role was to establish an art direction and design the landing page for the HP ENVY x2.



Too often, designers are handed creative brief and imagery too late down the line, where we're forced to work with imagery and content not designed for the web.  This resulted in inconsistent branding, unclear story telling and disparate imagery. We wanted designers to be involved with content creation early on in the process so that imagery was purposed for the web, not after the fact. The HP ENVY brand did not have a distinct look that distinguished it from other brands within HP, so it was the perfect candidate to start this new kind of collaborative process. 



Drawing from other premium brands from other companies with clean and minimal styles, I pulled together moodboards and mock-up comps to guide the direction of the final landing page. I made a rough skeleton using the Flex template and content brief, then dropped in aspirational imagery to guide the photoshoot. 


mock up

I created a mock up comp pulling in inspirational imagery and dropped them into the page as FPO to guide the art direction of the photoshoot. It helped photographers to know the kind of aspect ratio to work with and where we will be placing text so as to gauge white-space and how wide a shot had to be. In this way, we were creating content in conjunction with imagery for the web. We didn't want to just "work with what we had," we wanted to have a say in what we worked with.


Image credits: Logitech, Molekule, Aether Cone, Apple, Cory Maryott

Final Design



I was able to be a part of the process for this page very early on, so I was able to collaborate with stakeholders and IDW to lay out the content and use that to inform what kind of imagery I needed for the page. The page turned out to be more deliberate and put-together than previous pages of its kind, since all of the imagery came out of one photoshoot with the same talent and a consistent color scheme. We were able to tell a more consistent story throughout the page, one of productivity, beauty and portability. We came across a few bumps in the road, where we had to swap out some of the studio images to promote a more "On-to-go" messaging, but the overall look and feel of the page is clean, minimal and consistent.